The red one is a 38F, and the beige is a 40DD, the blue one with the straps that dig in is a 42B but the cups are great, the lace one feels so good on the skin but it rides up... and on and on it goes.

Almost every woman can relate to this is dilemma and that's where Milayo comes in. We want to work with today's woman to demystify the bra size code and to help then find bras that offer lasting comfort, are a great fit and suit their individual style.

We pay particular attention to curvy and full busted women. We know from experience how hard it can be, so we want to make sure that with Milayo you never have to be worried about not finding service and stock items that suit you. We are a specialty lingerie store. That means we will work with you in a personalized way to help solve all your bra and intimates mystery that frees you up to take on the world with style and confidence. We are here to make sure that your bras and intimates are one less thing to worry about.