MILAYO’s Self-fitting Guide 

To find the right bra size is a science that has been made years of research to make it easy for all women, no matter their size to fit the perfect fit

At Milayo we have narrowed this science of the perfect fit to 7 point of fit. You bra fits perfectly when:

  1. Bra straps does not dig in. No spillage/pain
  2. No side boobs or spillage
  3. Underwire rests behind the breast tissue. Underwire do not cut or poke into the breast tissue
  4. Center front tracks rest against chest wall and separates breast tissue
  5. The straps support comfortably without slipping off or cutting into the shoulders. Snug, no pain
  6. No excess boobs or spillage. Bra cups fit smoothly without wrinkles or any overflow (double boob effect).
  7. Band is snug around the torso, anchored low on the back and parallel to the floor. The band is one the loosest (first hook) allowing for tighter hooks as the bra gives way with wear, hence your bra last longer

7 Points of Fits - Milayo Bra Fitting Guide


If you would like to speak to a professional bra fitter then please do contact us either on the phone on 404 480 0662 or email